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Counselling &
Art Therapy

I specialize in anxiety-related issues and I'm currently taking counselling referrals for young people 12-28 years old.  Issues I can help you with include: panic attacks, social anxiety, depression, family issues, friend struggles, grief and loss, addictions and overall self-expression.  The first step is to email me directly and we can chat about what you're needing right now.

My counselling office is located in Inglewood:

Workshop Studios

2501 Alyth Rd SE

Creative Coaching

These are 1:1 online sessions designed for women who want support, guidance, inspiration and accountability to develop a creative practice.  Are you longing to feel more "you"?  Do you feel a deep tug to reconnect with your creativity, and get to know yourself on a deeper level?  Are you ready to unearth your "true self", and venture beyond rigid roles you've felt confined by?  If so, contact me!  Let’s explore what we can do together.


Upcoming Events!

10-4 PM

Kristin Boettger MA CCC RCAT is an artist and a counsellor with 20 years of clinical experience working with young people, families and women.  She is certified as a Canadian Certified Counsellor and a Registered Art Therapist, and has advanced training in EMDR and trauma processing.   She currently specializes in counselling young women aged 12-28 who are experiencing anxiety-related issues.  She also coaches women of all ages who long to reconnect with their creativity.  Her passion is helping clients heal, grow and anchor a unique and empowered identity for themselves.

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