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Calgary & Area Mental Health Resources

Distress Centre

YYC Connect


Lionheart Foundation

Women's Centre

Canadian Psychological Association


Emotion Coaching - EFFT-based resources a variety of practical resources and videos for clinicians, caregivers/parents, and clients

The Attachment Trauma Center Institute

Resources and trainings for parents and clinicians


Art & Creativity - Draw together


The Whole Brain Child

Bruce Perry

How to Do the Work: Recognize your patterns, Heal from Your Past, and Create Your Self

by Dr Nicole LePera  @theholisticpsychologist

Personal Wellness

Donna Eden Daily Energy Medicine Practice

ADHD/ LD Resources

CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD)

How to ADHD youtube channel

Connor Dewolfe creates Instagram posts that demonstrate many of the frustrations that people with ADHD deal with. May be helpful to professionals working with people with ADHD, parents, adults and teens with ADHD. - information and tools for children and adults with ADHD. This is an excellent resource site for information about ADHD & LD: Learning Disabilities and ADHD Network Calgary region. There are sections for families and children, educators, adults with ADHD and/or LD, resources, as well as a calendar listing upcoming events.


Mama Mindfulness app for moms of all stages of parenting who are burnt out and need a compassionate moment for themselves

Unwinding Anxiety app for all clients who struggle with negative thought loop cycles or behaviours.

Insight Timer is a great free resource for anyone wanting to incorporate more mindfulness into their day.

Pocketwell from the Govn. of Canada and Greenspace. It has resources for wellness, mental health and substance use and offers a few self - assessments and resources for adults, teens  It is a free app.


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