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I help deep-feeling women reconnect with their creativity so they feel inspired and empowered to build a one-of-a-kind life they love.

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I’m an artist with 20 years of experience as a therapist.
And I know how easy it is to lose track of your creativity in the day to day demands of life. 
I also know how good it feels to have “everything in its place”.. and yet realize that something is still deeply missing.  Believe me, I get the struggle to build the right kind of life, while longing to play, create, get messy and inhabit a life with no limits.   

I’ve spent years navigating this tension.. The pull to do the ‘right thing’ and the drive to reject it completely… the bursts of inspiration and the terror of losing stability… the need for safety and the deep desire for adventure.


Along the way, my constant companion has been my creative practice.  It's always been the one place I felt truly like “myself”.  Simply put, my creative practice has been my life line.  


And I’m here to help you re-connect with yours!




Because I believe that at your essence you are a powerful and creative being.  

And I believe that your creative practice holds the key to finding YOUR voice and experiencing a life you love.

I’ll help you remember that. 


How I support women on this journey is through Creativity because I believe it’s the portal to your power.


  • Do you long to feel more “YOU”?

  • Have you built a life that “looks right” yet still find yourself yearning for more?

  • Want to express yourself freely without caring what other people think?

  • Feel like there’s potential inside of you that you still haven’t fulfilled?

  • Have you been so focused on doing the right things that you’ve lost track of yourself?

  • Have you forgotten how it feels to play?

  • Are you longing for permission to get messy?

  • Are you drowning in art supplies that you never use?

  • Do you dabble in art-making and then feel a ‘pull’ to get back ‘on track’/ be productive?

  • Do you want to build a regular practice to process and feel deeply?



Remembering your true, intuitive & creative self just takes a little practice.

I'd love to help you....

  • Re-awaken your creative spark

  • Remember how it feels to have a creative practice in your life again

  • Renew access to your intuitive voice

  • Discover how to creatively process emotional blocks

  • Learn to express yourself spontaneously and joyfully

  • Feel confident and embodied in your day to day life


Identify the blocks that are keeping you stuck.

Learn to make a mess.

Nurture your own art habit.  And listen deeply to what it has to tell you.

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