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Art & Counselling Services

For children, youth & women of all ages.

Feeling anxious, overwhelmed or uninspired?  Parenting a child who is struggling?  Looking for a creative way to improve your mental health? 

Creative Self  Sessions

A guided 3 session process to creatively map out your life and develop a clearer understanding of who you are.  Reconnect with your creativity and re-discover yourself!

WelcomeI'm Kristin. 

I'm a Registered Art Therapist, Canadian Certified Counsellor and Visual Artist. 
I offer 1:1 sessions, studio groups and online programs for children, youth and women.  Alongside the learnings of my own creative practice, I have 20+ years of professional clinical experience.  I am also EMDR Certified and work from an emotion-focused, attachment-based framework.  Whether working individually or
with groups, my aim is to help you safely navigate and express emotion, change habits that are keeping you stuck, gain skills and insight, tap into your creative self, have fun and ultimately re-wire your brain.  Instead of dreading big emotions, you'll develop the capacity to greet them with curiosity and compassion.​  



1:1 Counselling & Art Therapy

Online Art Sessions

Groups & Classes

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