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Creative Coaching 

Are you longing to feel more "you"?  Do you feel a deep tug to reconnect with your creativity, and get to know yourself on a deeper level?  Are you ready to unearth your "true self", and venture beyond rigid roles you've felt confined by?  If so, contact me!  Let’s explore what we can do together.​


These are 1:1 online sessions designed for women who want support, guidance, inspiration and accountability to develop a creative practice. 


Remembering your true, intuitive & creative self just takes a little practice.

I'd love to help you....

  • Re-awaken your creative spark

  • Remember how it feels to have a creative practice in your life again

  • Renew access to your intuitive voice

  • Discover how to creatively process emotional blocks

  • Learn to express yourself spontaneously and joyfully

  • Feel confident and embodied in your day to day life

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