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1:1 Counselling & Art Therapy



Kristin specializes in counselling and art therapy sessions for young people aged 8- 28 and their families.  Presenting issues might include: anxiety and/or depression, low self-esteem, persistent worry, school struggles, sleep troubles, perfectionism, disordered eating or self-harm.  Sessions are also available for women of all ages who are curious to do their own healing work and are interested in exploring this process creatively.  

Contact Kristin to schedule a free initial consultation.  

Creative Self Sessions

Feeling burnt out, exhausted, uninspired or in need of a change? Maybe you have a specific issue you want to explore creatively... or just need some dedicated self-care time with a supportive guide!  If any of this rings true, book yourself in for a package of 3 personalized, 1:1 online art sessions.  Together we'll create a series to support, restore and uplift you!  This process will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.


Women's Art Nites & Studio Groups

Book your own personalized art nite or stay tuned for upcoming groups!

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