Kristin Boettger MA CCC RCAT is an artist, Registered Art Therapist and Canadian Certified Counsellor living in Calgary, Alberta.  Over the years she has combined her studies in both fine art and art therapy to build a creative practice that is deeply informed by her interests in feminism, ecopsychology and self-transformation.

Using basic materials, Kristin places herself amidst nature to translate her felt experience of trees, rivers, mountains and gardens onto paper and canvas.  Most drawings and paintings are created ‘en plein air’ -- energized by the immediacy of the elements around them.  Her practice is gestural, raw and expressive.  Kristin aspires to share her artwork with people as a means to inspire others and provide a felt experience of the natural world.

When not making art, Kristin can be found working in private practice, counselling girls and families, and facilitating creativity workshops.  To restore her senses and keep her intuition keen, Kristin practices yoga often and roams through the mountains, hills and rivers she loves.