Calgary-based artist Kristin Boettger makes contemporary mixed-media drawings informed by her experiences in nature and her interests in ecopsychology, art therapy and self-transformation.

She is also a Registered Art Therapist and Canadian Certified Counsellor in private practice in Calgary, AB, and facilitates creative workshops and retreats for women and girls.

Change: Letting go, simplifying, making room for something new


Here we go.... I'm re-designing my website to reflect what I hope is a new focus, a refined vision and a deeper commitment to my own artwork.  For many years I've placed my primary career as a therapist first, while trying to cultivate time (and energy) to practice my own art-making.  Now, after many years of focusing my attention outward with clients and students I'm prioritizing my own art-making in a way I never have before.   I have no idea where it will go or what this will look like but it feels really important to do this for myself.. to step in.. to be with this unknown territory and creatively re-incarnate myself.   I know it will deepen my experience of self, and hone my sensitivities so I can continue to serve and inspire others in our shared creative journeys.  So .... here's to discovering new territory.. personally, creatively, and collectively.

January generosity

January generosity